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I would highly recommend any Independent dealer to join MIADA. Annette has exceeded my expectations of her knowledge and helpfulness. A great tool and value for your business."

Todd O’Connor, O’Connors Auto Outlet

Annette at the MIADA resolved my title issue within hours! We spent three whole business days trying to get resolution on an issue between the Secretary of State and the Detroit Police Department regarding a vehicle we bought from the auction that could not be issued a temporary tag or registration. Somehow, the vehicle we bought at a local auction was reported abandoned years before the seller applied for the resale title that the auction provided to us after the sale. I reached out to Annette at the MIADA after being given the run around and not being able to reach anyone to assist. We had a customer who wanted to purchase the vehicle originally which is how we discovered we were not able to issue a temporary registration. I wish I would have contacted the MIADA originally because within hours this issue was resolved by Annette and her point of contact at the State of Michigan. I was amazed. Three days and neither office could resolve this issue and the MIADA resolved it the same day! What a relief! Thank you Annette and MIADA!

Nicole Renee, Rite On Inc.

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